How do I replace the Chinese fonts in CoreELEC?

How to replace the Chinese fonts in coreelec, the official fonts are small, and some texts in some Chinese subtitles cannot be displayed. I want to replace them with larger fonts. In what directory?

You can have a look here: Fonts in Kodi.

It is possible to use includes (eg. MonoSpace) in Font.xml There has to be at least one font set with the unicode attribute set to true else languages like Chinese or Korean will not display properly. There is a font called Arialuni.TTF with a size of 20MB. It is a unicode True Type Font and works with all languages Kodi supports.

See if that’s the answer for you.

According to the link you provided, I found that Kodi’s font directory is located under /usr/share/kodi/media/fonts, but I have no permission to replace it. Thank u.

Put font in folder /storage/.kodi/media/Fonts. If it doesn’t exist you need to create it.

I think you should save your font file as Arial.ttf and select this from settings: System, Interface, Skin, Fonts, Arial based.

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I have already set this up, otherwise Chinese characters will not be available at all. thank you.

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I uploaded a Source Han Sans font. I don’t know if it works. I need to continue to observe, because missing characters do not happen from time to time.

When it works you see your new font in action.

For a test just copy some random file as arial.ttf and you will see the difference.

Thank you, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Can you make a screenshot and show exactly what doesn’t work? I spend some time with fonts last few weeks :slight_smile:

Regardless of whether the upload is an abnormal file or a normal font file, after the name is changed to arial.ttf, there is no change in the display font on the screen.

Then you didn’t copy font file correctly. Because it works here

Can you give me the link of the font file you are using?

Hello, the link are as follows:

This is how it looks here - ok to me. But I use English UI.

Hello. it’s seem work fine now, thank you.
The new font is significantly different from arial.ttf.

That’s the point of using custom font :slight_smile:

Glad you got it working. Can you please tell us what did you made wrong first time?

Maybe I used lowercase, /storage/.kodi/media/fonts, lowercase " fonts ", and the font file name was not changed to arial.ttf.
Of course, it may also be caused by not changing the region after uploading the font.

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