How do you open a terminal window locally?

Remoting via SSH won’t work because my network is busted, that’s what I’m trying to troubleshoot.

I couldn’t find a way to open a terminal window locally on my ODroid N2 CoreELEC v9.2.3. Is there an add-on? I couldn’t find anything obvious. The normal Linux hot keys CTRL-ALT-F1 (or F2-F6) doesn’t seem to work either.

That’s not possible. You can however connect a uart to have serial.


One option would be to stop boot process by editing file /flash/config.ini with adding

coreelec='debugging break=check_amlogic_dtb'

Of course access to uSD card or eMMC is required. This will open terminal on TV. And of course you need to figure out how to fix the issue :slight_smile:


Perhaps I’m being naive, why not try a fresh install on a different sd/usb to see if that will work. It might be quicker than trouble shooting.

As a Linux user this blows my mind a bit, but apparently I’m missing something.

I did figure out the issue, the v9.2.3 update somehow turned off the “connect automatically” selection for wired network adapter. I was focussing on the IPv4 settings…

The Linux system requires a windowing software to draw onto. Programs talk to the windowing system which in turn talks to the graphics hardware.
In Coreelec there is no windowing system - it draws directly into the hardware frame buffer.

Since CE is just enough software to allow Kodi to run, it would require someone to completely rewrite the standard tools available in Linux to draw directly into the framebuffer. Since SSH is available there is no need to do this so it wont get done.


Why don’t you use the uart console?