How do you setup Schedules Direct with tvheadend?

I’ve signed up for the 7 day trial of Schedules direct to see if it works, but I don’t know what to do next. No where can I find info of how to set it up. I’m on radxa zero with 15.1 RC and tvhe 4.3. I see the internal epg grabber file but not sure how to configure it. People are saying to use XMLTV-utils but I can’t find that addon for coreelec.

A quick Google search reveals the answers to your questions can be found at the TVheadend User Forums.

Can you post the specific thread please?

So the short version is it can’t really be done all on the coreelec device itself.

First you need xmltv-util to generate the actual SD configuration file to use within tvheadend. xmltv-util is not available for coreelec. If you just copy the file from the xmltv-util repo over to your coreelec device and try to configure it, you cannot. This is because you need perl to do so, and perl, as far as I can tell, is not available for coreelec. Hope this helps someone else so they don’t have to go through the frustration I went through.

Have you tried with entware? Do a quick search on the forum on how to install it and your possibilities will grow.

Edit: follow this coreelec:entware [Core Embedded Linux Entertainment Center for Amlogic Devices]

There is a package to install NextPVR on CE and it should support the tuners the TVH support and it has integrated Schedules Direct JSON so no XMLTV required. I don’t know what version 15.1RC of CE is though.

I didn’t even know entware was an option on CE. I use it on my router. It looks like there is a perl package available from the EW repos. This could help.

I will check out NextPVR. Thanks for the suggestion.

Let me know if you have trouble finding the package zip file on the NextPVR forum.

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