How to Activate AV port on Amlogic TV Box (Composite Video +L/R)

Hi, sorry if it has being asked before but I am bit confused based on the answers I get
The question is simple…how to activate the AV port on Amlogic TV Box so I can get composite Video+Audio (L/R) to connect to a CRT TV ?

This is such a corner case requirement that I believe it is no longer supported in Software. Almost no one is using CRT so the support burden was dropped.


I also think it’s not possible since years. Maybe you can try and buy a converter somewhere.

Hi thanks for responding…I already bought a converter and the quality is acceptable. Just checking if I can get even better (quality) and more “built-in”

Strange…I’m using it right now on an old Philips CRT tv…X96 1g + 8g and Coreelec 19.2-Matrix_rc3 (Amlogic-ng.arm). AV socket 3.5mm and RCA output jack plugs.
Works perfectly.

BTW in case there was any confusion, I’m referring to the built in AV on the TV Box working perfectly, not a converter.

This is very interesting…I think I have tried that but I will take another look
can you give a photo of the setup ? working

Sure. Shown on Hitachi portable TV.

Thanks man…tried yesterday but nothing…nothing at all …completely nothing on my CRT.
Makes me thinking if the TV box is to blame or the cable ( I will multimeter it)…I have another I might try (with AV …it gets rarer and rarer on these cheap Chinese Boxes)
I have a Nexbox A95X 905X 2/16 and I think my coreelec is a bit older but strange…
One thing …what is the clarity on movies ? the UI is not very CRT friendly…

If its not configured in the dtb then it cannot work, this is the aspect of support which is likely to have gone stale.


So its kind of dtb problem not kernel lacking support.
I think I have some issue with the cable…ordered new one…in a couple of days we will know

CE uses the AMLogic kernel on which Android is built, so it should have all hardware features built into it. If those features don’t work then its the seperate dtb which is the most likely cause. The dtb tells the SOC how to talk to all of the off chip components and is is the interface between the hardware and the kernel.

There are two different configurations for the mini-jack and they are not interchangable.


So its kind of luck if you have a TV box that it has a compatible .dtb

50% Success…
So my new cable came : 3.5mm Jack to Scart (the same as RCA)…
I plugged in it and turned on the TV (I was pretty much sure it won’t work)
I was greeted with a crystal clear image of the logo of CoreElec…and when I say …clear I mean clear…no different from an LCD
But this was all I got…I waited for about 2 minutes and the picture as booting finished simply gone …HDMI was still working I checked that (maybe HDMI is set as the only output and the AV ports gets switched off)
So … I feel is just a small thing left to do to have it working fully
Any Ideas ?

Note that the photo might seem awful but trust me the quality is great…just check the letters of “CoreElec”… there is no such thing as trembling,halos or whatever…just perfect CRT level Picture

Here is the dmesg log from my device:
You can see towards the bottom “vmode set to 576cvbs”.
Also include a disp_cap file in .kodi/userdata directory. You can do this via ssh. I have the following settings:
Good luck.

Thanks man
I will check them

Well … adding the file and 2 lines…great picture
I will do some digging and I post pics

Well 1 tiny thing is left…to switch from 480i to 576i…no matter what it defaults to 480i and even at the resolution select menu there are 2 choices…both 480i

Isn’t that an aspect of PAL vs whatever system they use in America. Aren’t CRT designed for just one or the other format ?


Well I deleted the 480cvbs and I “think” its OK
Its a bit hard these days to work with for many reasons…lets say I make a quick test and I have to close the system and again some other time.
A quick shot from Justice League

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