How to build coreelec for specific device?

Hi, i like build coreelec for mecool ki pro with dtb and remote.conf inserted.
Is this possible?
If yes, can give me some light for necessary files to be modified?
Or can i unpacking image and add settings and repack?
Thank you for your time.

It’s possible to unpack the SYSTEM image file, but you’ll need a Linux environment for this.
There are instructions online how to do it, but it’s a little bit complicated.
To build CoreELEC, you’ll need a Linux environment as well. Making a clean build can take several hours, depending on your PC performance, so there’s that.

Thak you for your time, i have a opensuse enviroment, i need install required packages, modify files, unpack system and repack?
how can i unpack img? loop device don’t work for that

You can make compilation or modification available when ready!
I have a KI Pro. This is interresant.

Yeah, in my opinion too much people ask same question and have problems putting up dtb.img and remote.conf because network no connect up to you first setup wizard and while you don’t have remote control, is a little complicated for new people.
I can do modification when ready, but, how I repack entire system and be ready for other people to install?

No need to repack any squashfs. The dtb and remote.conf are placed in /flash which is the first partition formated in FAT. So you can flash it to your sd card and then mount it at windows or whatever. Easy peasy

Thank you.
Anyway, I’m finishing burn img file with my modified system partition. I’ll try.
Image work, run fine, dtb is placed in his site, but storage is crushed for system installarion and remote control don’t work out the box, i need look into it.

Well. i endend with a working image for k1 pro with dtb and remote.conf inserted with md5 as well.
Now, maybe, i’ll try add some addons for tuner dvb exclusivement, for burn and run.
It’s some difficult, you cant load like backup file.

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please, some guide for build coreelec for ki pro, with tvheadend and pvr.hts activated?

For what purpose?
You can install those in 1 minute from the CE repo.

hi, thanks for your time, i would likje to make a personalized image for amlogic s905d

A personalized image only makes sense, when you are planning to constantly doing fresh installs on a lot of devices.

Otherwise the steps @TheCoolest outlined above would be much easier…even in a household with more than 2 or 3 devices.

ok, thanks for your response, you are right, for home repeat some steps is not a problem at all.