How to change boot up refresh rate to 50Hz

My 1080p TV is set to 50Hz as most of my viewing content is 50Hz and no refresh rate switch is needed. (I use TvHeadend Client)

I find it annoying when the refresh rate changes from 50Hz to 60Hz and back to 50Hz on my TV booting up or rebooting.

Is there a an SSH command to change

setenv hdmimode "1080p60hz"


setenv hdmimode "1080p50hz"

I think this should be part of the default. There is almost no use for 60Hz for any media box connected to a TV. Do you think you could do the default to 50Hz for CE?

afaik, 60Hz is more common on North America, and 50Hz in Europe… I think its not a big deal, OP could change this value easilly via config.ini in FAT32 partition of SD Card (aka /flash)…

mount -o remount,rw /flash
edit /flash/config.ini via vi, or external editor and add hdmimode='1080p50hz'
mount -o remount,ro /flash


I know (but just for TV broadcasts), thx. But I bet CE is much more common in Europe :slight_smile:

You’re right : (Click the “Show more stats” button).

I did that. I’m able to mount CE on a Mac OS and change config.ini to 50Hz.

Strange thing is when the Odroid N2 Boots up the CE Logo for a split second pops up with a refresh rate change to 60Hz and then another refresh rate change CE Logo 50Hz with the normal version notification in top left of screen showing and then a momentary loss of connection until refresh rate 50Hz with the skin home screen appearing.

I can see in dispinfo that i have correctly changed to 50Hz.

hmm, maybe its N2 specific, maybe its normal behauviour. Honestly, I am aware that during bootup there are a few disp switches, but never much care about this, as my boxes runing 24/7, and menu is rendered 23.976 (another switch) anyway… So I leave 50/60 defaults due to TV compatibility reasons…

Hopefully devs could comment boot behauviour.

P.S.: Only thing I know about, is that first logo and second logo goes from different locations. The first one is I think tar/gzipped on /flash, the second one is oemsplash.png. Not sure if their switch is accompanied by refresh rate switch also or not.

Same here. I reboot sometimes and i picked the behaviour.