How to check external IP / Verify VPN is connected

Hi, I have connected to NordVPN using the following method

I am running CoreELEC on a Beelink GT-King Pro.

I would like to verify that the VPN connection is active. Is there any way to do this? I have followed several guides to no avail.

Thanks in advance!

Hi you should just download the OpenVPN Manager addon for Kodi. From here you can setup and monitor your VPN connection. You can also manage the connection and add exceptions.

I tried this originally but there is an authentication error, my password and username are 100% correct. I even changed the pw from having special characters to not include them (as suggested by nord vpn support) but it did not help.

If you SSH into CE then you could run something like this or a variation of it

curl -s | grep '<span id="ip">'

That should give the IP address as part of its output.

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Then you are doing something wrong.
I have installed OpenVPN addon on my Odroid-N2, configured it with my login and password and it works. Using Key Map Editor addon I have assigned TV remote’s button to show on the screen current network connection status.

SSH in to the box and run


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Nice, I was not aware of that one. :wink: