How to compare performance of different arm SOC?

I am comparing the performance of Raspberry Pi 4 and S905X2 chip in my A95x max box.
I do not need formal benchmark results and estimation is just fine.
rp4’s SOC is Broadcom BCM2711 quad-core Cortex-A72 @ 1.5GHz build on 28nm process
S905X2 is quad-core Cortex-A53 @ 1.8GHz on 12nm process
I believes that the performance per clock of A72 would be better than A53. But I wanted to know how will rp4’s A72 @ 1.5GHz stack up against S905X2’s A53 @ 1.8GHz

Whilst it is very common to compare the performance of one SOC against another when considering a purchase, the SOC is only one hardware component that contributes towards the overall performance.

Now this is a discussion that could go on and on but I can keep my view relatively short based upon a comment that was made on a review of an S905X3 box in terms of gaming, wherein the reviewer stated that the S905X3 was on par with an overclocked Raspberry PI 4.

From a video playback perspective, which I think is most peoples key use for AMLogic boxes with CE, the Raspberry PI is woefully behind in performance, especially when it comes to 4K.

When the PI 4 first came out I was initially reaching for my wallet because the specs looked great but on closer inspection, the fact that you really did need to add some form of cooling, which added to the cost, then reading about how out of the box 4K playback was astonishingly poor quickly lead me to dismiss the PI4 and go for an S905X2 and I’m glad that I made that decision. The X3 is of course more powerful than the X2 but not by that significant a distance that it made it a must have at the time of consideration and because the RPI4 had to be overclocked to match the performance of the X3 meant that the gap between 2 and 3 reduced even further for an OOB comparison.

There is no doubt that over a year later the PI4 has come along and the range of distros is improving dramatically but I still would not consider one myself, when I factor in the real cost of a PI4 setup against my own personal needs, the AML platform and CE does the job nicely.

Yes, if you look at the raw power of the SOC’s the PI4 would come out on top but then for a product that is newer in generation, should be something to be expected, although not IMO with a major jump in performance that knocks my socks off.

Bottom line being, forget about SOC comparison unless there is either something very specific that make a difference to your needs or that one id so far ahead of the other that an instant purchase is almost inevitable.

Therein lies my twopenny’s worth.

I chosen S905X2 over rp4 when I made the purchase just because of the process technology. S905X2 builds on 12nm process while rp4 builds on 28nm, which is really aged.

This is why the newer amlogicchips have fewer thermal issues than the pi4. If not adequately dealt with this will significantly hit performance of the pi.


The S905X2 is not the best choice

You can use geekbench, albeit a really old build.