How to compile CoreELEC for S905D3

I have download the project of CoreELEC from git hub. I want to know the compile command of S905D3.

PROJECT=Amlogic ARCH=arm make image

This command without DEVICE is right? If I enter the DEVICE=S905 . It will prompt invalid DEVICE when starting to compile.

PROJECT=Amlogic-ng ARCH=arm make image

Thank you I will try again.

Hi Portisch. I have compiled the project. Is the image in CoreELEC/target/ ? I find there is four CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng-arm-9.2*******.tar. Which one should be used from the VIM3L?

You only have one tar. This is used for update.
Use the …generic.img.gz for VIM3L when you create a new CE boot media.

The only reason you have 4 tars is because you build 4 times.

Thank you . I have test the img . It works well.

And I have another question. If I want to modify dts file. What should I do to make the modified file recompile?