How to connect to wifi

Hello . Iam new user for coreelec . I enter the system but I cannot find way to connect to my WiFi network .
Can somebody hell me to find way . Thanks
My device beelink gt king pro

Settings --> CoreELEC --> Network, make sure Wireless is enabled --> Connections, pick your network and connect.

This function not working . When I press coreelec massege pop up that this add on not ready .

Try a clean install of 9.2.5.

Thanks Bro . Tomorrow i will try . But small question do I need to press the reset button and plug the power first time I boot the system or enough to put the sd card then boot normally. Thanks

You only need to press the reset if CE doesn’t boot automatically, you only need to do this once.

Thanks tomorrow I will update you the results.

The CoreELEC settings add-on can take a few minutes after your box starts up to be accessable. Let the box boot and wait a few minutes before trying to access settings.

I wait more than hour nothing change .

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