How to control CE completely from your mobile phone (incl. remote wakup)

Hi, I might be a bit off-topic here, but writing this in case it can be of any help.

One way to control CE 100% from your mobile, including power on/off, is to power your CE TV box from a wifi smart plug DC socket. Wifi smart plug DC sockets can be bought from around 12 USD (for example this one

The wifi smart socket can be switched on/off using your mobile, either via the dedicated app or via google home app (which most are compatible with).

To control CE you use the kodi remote app on your mobile.

This setup works for me. Instead of a single outlet wifi smart socket I have 4 outlets, where I have connected the TV, avr receiver and also fans (to cool down the tv box).


I’m not sure shutting down CE via power supply all the time is a good plan.
It’s not the same as a safe shutdown via Shutdown menu/Remote control or SSH via something like the Juice APK.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. Can use the kodi remote app to ensure a safe shutdown then, still 100% controlled via the mobile phone.