How to control T95Z Plus LED strip?

Hello community,

I own a T95Z Plus since a long time now. I have got the VFD running fine already, but I still wonder why that hexagonal LED strip remains in the same (not very nice) light blue color.

Before I look up all the required information like the dbt-version etc, I would like to know:
Is there in general any possibility to get those led colors changed and controlled?

Of course I searched the forum and Google as well but I didn’t not find any reasonable results.

Thanks in advance!

I’m in the same situation with my T95Z Plus.
Besides the light blue (maybe turquoise?) when it is on, the annoying thing is that LEDs turn to dark blue at power off, while I’d like them completely off!

Reading posts time ago, it seems that LED strip management requires changes to the u-boot. As S912 is quite old right now, and cannot be supported on amlogic-ng builds, I doubt some developer will spend time on this issue.

And despite LEDs, I’m very happy with Coreelec on this box!

Yes you are right, it is turquoise. At first I had written turquoise but then I changed it to light blue because I wasn’t sure anymore. But we speak about the same color and issue :smiley:

As I don’t really turn off the Box, I rarely see the dark blue color (which is a way nicer than the turquoise by the way), but it would be nice to be able changing the color somehow. But as you said the box is quite old…

Sadly, it is not possible to have it controlled as it is while working with Android (don’t get me wrong this is no solution for me :smiley: ). But despite that, I am also very happy with that box. It runs smoothly without any issues and it does what it should do.

But anyway thanks for your reply…

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