How to create bootable image for Amlogic P281 device?

I have Amlogic P281 device without emmc and I am trying create u-boot for it and load kernel 4.9.

Upon inspecting a bit it seems not directly loading kernel, rather loading Android bootimg (mkbootimg - >kernel and initramfs)

user@dell:/media/user/COREELEC$ file kernel.img
kernel.img: Android bootimg, kernel (0x1080000), ramdisk (0x1000000), page size: 2048

Can anybody tell overall workflow? I have loaded installed vendor u-boot 2015 to the device and having problem with loading 4.9 kernel from it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

It’s not trivial to get CE with 4.9 kernel to run properly on an old device.
Check this thread

Which p281 device do you have?