How to create bootable SD/USB on Linux?


Simple question - since I cannot use Rufus on Linux, how do I create the bootable SD/USB? Some sort of dd if=… of=… command would do?

Or perhaps I could use the Libreelec disk creator? And just use Coreelec file to be pushed to the media.

Thanks in advance.

Any image writer should work, Rufus is just recommended because it is known to work particularly well and simple to use :wink:

For MacOS
Etcher which works. Also easy to use.


dd if=coreelec.img of=/dev/sdx bs=4M && sync

I just used Etcher on MacOS, but I can’t boot from SD card. My X96 max+ freezes at launch screen.

@swavo Did you renamed the proper dtb? If yes, you should try also booting from an usb flash drive.

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