How to enable PCM

Hi all,

I have an Optical Output (S/PDIF) on my Media Player that I want to set to PCM Only and I don’t know what settings to select.

Do I select AML-AUGESOUND,S/PDIF or the second option AML-AUGESOUND,PCM?

Do I enable Passthrough and if so what options should I enable?


Are you using audio optic cable from device to receiver/soundbar?

That spdif option us in every media player
CoreELEC settings

I have an N2 with the SPDIF Option installed and want to feed PCM via Optical Cable to my Headphones.

Will be switching between 2 Audio Profiles, Headphones vs Sound System, using the Add-on Audio Profiles. So want to set one profile that is just PCM, as that is all the Headphones will except.


Have not tested that addon

I have 3 china boxes
When i go direct from tv box to Meredo sound bar

I use i. Audio Decoder output device s/pdif

Allow passthrough

Passthrough output device
Alsa aml augesound s/pdif

There is nothing about pcm

If i power down soundbar.

I have audio on Tv from HDMI cable from Tv box

The add-on is not important. I just need to setup the audio for PCM Only via SPDIF. Then I save it to an Audio Profile and recall it when I want to use the Headphones.

Just need advise on how to setup CE/Kodi so I have PCM Only via SPDIF no matter what the N2 is playing.

I can’t help with that

PCM only…

HDMI or toslink cable carry both
Can data transfer both audio…

Set as spdif in both Test n Try

Thanks for info about addon Audio Profiles
Was just reading about…

Think i will test it

Happy Testing

Audio is a conprehensive topic.

More info here.

Thanks Betatester
Some excellent reading there.

Spdif is digital audio interface
Can be used with/ non compressed analog converted PCM 2 channel
Or digital multi channel audio.

After that things get complicated
Depending on PCM/Bitstream
Settings in CoreELEC/ Kodi
Home theatre
TV settings…

More reading…to do

Have to Audio profiles now both with simultaneous audio .

One is allow pass-through spdif

The other allow pass-through Bluetooth Pulse Audio.

Have audio on TV simultaneous with both.

Happy Testing

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