How to find out the MAC Addresses of both Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces?

So I have a X96 Max Plus running CoreELEC 9.2.5. My home network utilizes MAC Address Filtering for both ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces and only the permitted devices are allowed to make a connection. How do I find out what the MAC addresses of ethernet and wifi are so I can whitelist them on my router? I read some threads here but couldn’t find any info. I hope they’re not randomly generated like some threads say. Searched through every setting and info screen in CoreELEC but couldn’t find them there either. Just basic CPU GPU etc info.

Run ifconfig to view MAC address
MAC address filtering is just a single point of failure

Thanks but do I need to SSH for this? I didn’t enable it while setting it up and I really hate SSH because it doesn’t like short passwords and recommends keys which I hate as well I’d rather have it disabled all the time. Any other way to do what I want? I wish the GUI would display them somewhere with all the other info.

Also why did you feel the need to say that though? Do you know what else I’ve set up or think that’s the only measure I have? It’s not a single point of failure because I didn’t implement it to protect anything. I like to keep track of everything and easier to manage devices plus kids can’t connect after bed time.

SSH to box and run the command ifconfig

You can believe me, MAC address filtering is a single point of failure, but You can do what You want to do.

The MAC address is also shown for whichever WIFI / ETH device is connected to the network in: Settings -> System Information -> Network

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