How to get CE to work first time after Installing on sd card?

How do I get CE to work after I insert sd card and power on the unit??
All I get is a bunch of blinking LED’s and Black screen? Also I do have LE on a separate card and that works. The only thing I do is power off the board and swap cards.

As far as I can remember, LE I reduced changes to the bootloader so you won’t be able to boot CE after using LE. You need to reflash android.

So how do I do that ??? I do have LE and CE on separate sd cards??

I have read all the wiki pages and also almost all the pages on this forum about how to installing it but still have questions about this.? First off wiki says to wait for the screen to tell you to install the emmc well how do you get that screen to show up?

Please don’t open multiple topics about connected problems. You need to boot CE before you can use the ceemmc tool to run from emmc.
And please chose, LE or CE, that’s easy. You have an Amlogic device, only CE provides a working setup for this soc.

I’m trying to learn how to get CE to Work on my Amlogic device sense the LE bunch don’t have a current install for kodi…

You didn’t even mention what device you’re using, but here you go:

Edit: you can try to just push the reset button again to try to boot CE. It can be the easy solution before a new android flash.

so why do I need android?

Let’s start from the beginning, what’s the device?

To get correct bootloader which works with CE.
And I doubt you will get CE and LE booting just with swapping SD cards. Or one CE from emmc.

Lepotato I thought that was the catagory I was in for this question… was I not in that catagory??

LE boots everytime I insert that SD card into my lepotato… CE on the other hand doesn’t.

Now, as you told us the device you are using we can tell you there is a unique image for your device:Releases · CoreELEC/CoreELEC · GitHub

Flash your image and it works. LE and CE is NOT compatible!

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