How to install armbian linux gpu kernel s905x3 amlogic

Hi all, Please help. My device android tv box: h96max x3 amlogic, cpu s905x3, 4gbyte ram, 32gbyte-rom, android 9 installed, ok, Coreelec booted installed ok, not problem.
The armbian Ubuntu linux installed microsd card, and boot, run ok, cpu ok, ram ok.
the gpu not found. How to install mali G31 GPU driver, the Armbian ubuntu linux system? thanks comment,
Coreelec Love mediaplayer.:slight_smile: h96max x3 tvbox tested. Video link my h96max"delfine box" s905x3.
video link armbian ubuntu linux on h96max x3

Thanks comment.

Thank you for using CoreELEC, weโ€™re happy that youโ€™re happy with it. Regarding Armbian, maybe you could ask in the armbian forum, right?

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