How to install Brave Browser on CoreElec

There is a guide to install Chrome here:

Unfortunately, Google stuff as much tracking, privacy destroying code into Chrome as possible, so it would be preferable to install a Free fork, such as Brave or Dissenter.

Does anybody have a well made guide on how to do this?

You cannot install any kind of web browser and likely never will be able to.

There are a number of threads on here that have discussed it in the past, so search for browser, chrome etc and you will see,

Maybe this question should be asked in the Kodi forum instead of the CoreElec forum. Or the question should be “How can we install a web browser on Kodi?” instead of “How can we install a web browser on CoreElec?”

It is more to do with the AMLogic platform than the software or OS itself.

Browse through the threads and you will see that right now it would be a 100% non starter.

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There is no X Server and also no Wayland support in CoreELEC. So this is not going to work. Mediacenter uses Framebuffer directly.

Seems like advertising to me.
Hope this thread will be closed like the other advertising thread opened by this user

Brave is a nice Browser I use it too. Well I use it with google search though.

I have contacted the AMlogic team in the hope they might try and find a way to support a web browser. Midori looks like the best candidate at the moment. I will keep the forum appraised if I learn of anything more. The Midori page is down :blush: at the moment:

If you like Brave, @Ray, there is an infinity search extension for it:

Just more advertising.

Lighten up, Tim_Taylor, I am on your side! I can delete it, if you like, and post @Ray a private message instead, but then others might not benefit. Anyway, it is a bit ironic that you object to so called “advertising” and think Google is fine. :slight_smile:

Using free alternatives to solutions from big companies is always a good thing, and I would advise everyone to at least try it.
But…this forum is not meant to be a place to discuss this stuff.
Let’s concentrate on CoreELEC itself and don’t try to convert everyone to the “good side”, please.

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Amlogic will not help you. Their main focus is Android and in Android you can use browsers. CoreELEC doesn’t interest them. But I already gave you an answer. It is not possible unless you find a Webbrowser that can use framebuffer directly.

But the problem is not Amlogic and not CoreELEC it is the browser. If you want brave you should ask them to implement this.

There is however a mediacenter addon or a proof of concept to make a brower work:


Thanks very much, Ray.

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