How to install CoreELEC NG build on eMMC by default?

I understand that there is a way to to install coreelec from sdcard to internal storage by enabling SSH and running below command

ceemmc -x and select option 3

But just would like to know if there is any way to install directly on eMMC instead of starting OS on SD card and then running command manually after enabling SSH ??

I understand the risk, just want to know if there is any way to do that…

Appreciate your help :slight_smile:


Yes, use Odroids.
CE does not deliver complete flash images as every device do have a unique hardware dependent bootloader and it’s impossible to support it.

Oh I see… CE has compatible devices list. I can use that… I have S905X3 device, just wanted to know if there is something we can put as a startup script in SD card, which gets executed on first boot and install that on internal.

Thanks for your quick reply though !

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