How to install ffmpeg for CoreElec?

Hoping that someone can point me to a guide. Running Nexus 20.5, would like to install the ffmpeg binary for CoreElec. I see a patch script in the tools section of the dist on Github, but I’m really not sure what to do with it, and after nearly an hour of searching, I’ve found no guides, just a few people saying they’ve installed it with no indication of how. I supposed I could just download and run the .sh from there, but I’d prefer not to jack things up from the outset if I can avoid it.

Appreciate any pointers as to the correct way to proceed.

  • TIA

K, I’m an idiot. For fellow fools out there, it’s done from within Kodi: Add-on Repositories → CoreElec Repository → Program Addons. Quite a few things outside of Kodi’s typical addons can be installed from this repo.

In my feeble defense, it does not seem to be documented anywhere, you just have to poke through it.

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