How to install system from SD card to EMMC/NAND

Could CoreELEC have function to install the system from TF coard to internel memore with configuration, like EMMC or NAND? the internel memory runs quite fast. thanks!

Isn’t this as simple as running installtointernal from SSH shell?

On some devices, you have to run it twice. I am not sure if it’s possible in the newer builds, due to the people who cry when it goes tits up.

So, if you go ahead, it’s at your own peril.

Yup - on a new box (fresh) I have to run it twice. On my existing ones which had LibreELEC on them, I didn’t. I’m about to run it on a test box (see the dupe MAC thread) here pretty quick but I’m confident it’ll work (unless the command was removed as you’re seeming to imply.)

I’m sorry but that’s bullshit you always had to run it twice even on LibreELEC, especially with the Tanix boxes.

The HowTo category is for guides not for help and support.

When coming from Android->ELEC I have to run it twice (fresh box). But once it already has ELEC installed, it’s a one-time deal. Sorry if I wasn’t too clear on that.

Does the internal installation also work for the Amlogic S912?


Especially when running from internal is not recommended or supported :roll_eyes:

Which is most of them, that’s why the not recommended or supported stance was taken in the first place. People go out of their way to save a couple of bucks for an SD card and then wail like a baby when the box bricks :thinking: