"How to make and where is ""autostart.sh""

This is my directory as seen on the windows network of my H96 box.


Not sure wahat to do next .
This is the file I want to add;

Copy this script to: /storage/.config/autostart.sh
(Or add the contents if you already have a autostart.sh)

autostart.sh (326 Bytes)

This script will change the sys_led logic from GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH to GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW.
After implement the script two reboots are needed to become active.
If CE get updated a additional reboot after the update is needed.

I did it somehow on an earlier box I had but cannot repeat the feat ;(
Im stuck :frowning:

/storage/.config is same as Configfiles. So place autostart.sh there.

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As in:

I think that worked…
:slight_smile: I get a Red and a Blue led both on .
Better than red.

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