How to migrate Add-ons


I have been wondering if there is any manual or instruction guide how to migrate an add-on from Kodi to Coreelec.

I have the problem, that the PVR-Addon Teleboy gets updated faster in Kodi than in Coreelec but I prefer Coreelec over Kodi. So I wanted to know, if there is any way I could myself migrate an existing Kodi Addon to Coreelec without bothering the developers with my request to update the addon for me.


This is binary addon and needs to be compiled. For this you need to clone sources on Linux and build addon.

Or try this one I build -

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Thank you very much but that version doesn’t work unfortunately.

Strange. I didn’t do anything special. Just bumped version and build.

May I ask you to compile the newest Version of the addon v19.8.7 for me.

I think that should work. Thank you four your help.

Here we go:

Thx. It works now, but I have a caching-problem with some channels. I will contact the developer if the issue is known.

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it’s me again. May I ask you to compile the newest Version v19.8.10 of the addon for me. That would be awesome.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

It is already in CE repo. If not use this

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