How to pass parameters to built-in kernel module?


I want to pass a parameter value to the kernel module in order to solve a particular problem I have. To be more specific, I want to pass:


to aml_fe.ko (which is part of the crazycat tbs drivers add-on).

How could I permanently add these parameters when the module loads?

Thank you.

Try adding this

aml_fe.force_sec_sf=1 aml_fe.force_pes_sf=1

to file /flash/config.ini in parameter coreelec (must be uncomment). Like

coreelec='aml_fe.force_sec_sf=1 aml_fe.force_pes_sf=1'

Hi vpeter

Thanks for the feedback. I am using amlogic box (Mecool k3 pro). There is no default config.ini.

The compiled aml_autoscript has the

setenv bootargs ${bootargs}

option which is probably where the parameter needs to be defined?

I tried to create a new config.ini as suggested, but the parameters were not processed.

I have also tried:

bootargs=‘aml_fe.force_sec_sf=1 aml_fe.force_pes_sf=1’

in the config.ini, without success.

Not sure how to pass the “bootargs” to an already compiled aml_autoscript.

If you make any changes to aml_autoscript then these need to be compiled and then for aml_autoscript to be parsed you have to press the reset button on your device when booting like in the initial setup.