How to play with 2 player

i have 2 dualshock 4 connected to coreelec. Both can be use to navigate within coreelec. Unfortunately, when i try to play games, only 1 controller is active. How do i enable the other controller?

I noticed this only happens on genesis plus gx. Any tips? Picodrive doesnt work at all, thats why i use genesis plus gx.

I’m use emuELEC addon for playing games. Retroarch works with two gamepads

I am experincing the same issues altought with different joysick. I am using the ordinary Coreelec and with Internet Archive ROM Launcher add-on. Everything is working fine with one controler, although second controler can be used to stop the game, return etc.

I am interested how to enable second controler as well.

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