How to playback a 14ch Wave File (Dolby Atmos)?

I’m running Corelec 20.0 and want to playback Audio Wave Files in Dolby Atmos. The audio properties under windows shows a 14ch Wave File.
Any idea ?

Maybe 14 separate devices? :joy:

How about plug it in via hdmi to a proper av receiver? Did you tried?

Most channels I know is supported is 8ch. And you will need a licensed encoder (with big money) to encode the raw files first to a Atmos stream.

i think that i need a special plugin or something else, because corelec jumps over each track in seconds. So, the files are stil encoded, i “just” need a decoder.

I think you talk from something different. When you have single WAV files you need to inject them after the audio decoder but before the amplifier. There are amplifier available where you can insert analog single channels.

But you will not be able to encode WAV to Dolby Atmos that a AVR can decode it. There are even no Dolby Atmos decoder available for “hobby users”, a encoder even less. You will find the encoder in sound Studios what are licensed to encode data to Dolby Atmos.

I remember myself doing AC3 encode on Windows by WAV files. But this was 20 years back and isn’t available anymore because of same issue: licensing.

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