How to POWER ON the device with remote controller?

I have a s905 device running the CoreELEC 9.0.3,but I can not use the remote controller(bluetooth) to POWER ON the device,POWER OFF is running OK,so,HOW TO SET?Thanks very much!!!

Welcome, power on is via IR and can only be woken via Bluetooth. What device is it?

Phiicomm N1 , a device which made in china

Phicomm N1 builds are not created by us and as such we can’t offer much support.

BT remotes can’t wake the device when it’s in sleep or power off only IR remotes can do this.

yes,it’s built by chinese player
Phiicomm N1 is very famous in our community because The Phiicomm company is dying ,they sell N1 with very cheap price, about $15,and the hardware is very good to install every third part os.
Can u tell me how to change the code that the device will sleep in low power statement when I click power off ?
Or can you build a official version if I post a device to your guys?

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