How to prevent running out of memory?

I have made the observation that the memory usage of coreelec is directly related to the size of the Kodi media libraries. I had mapped a source with 10000 movies to the library and coreelec was completely unusable on my 2 GB RAM S912 box. The memory would gradually climb from 50% to the 100% mark over 15-20 minutes and freeze the box. Is this expected behaviour? Is there a way to estimate what size media library can be used to stay below the 100% memory usage? Any way to reduce the memory usage of libraries ?

CoreELEC is an operating system that requires very little RAM. In a normal operation with a library of 1000 videos and all the addons loaded it needs little more than 400Mb, what do you want? … don’t forget to clean the cache and temporary files!

So I guess if the 1000 videos goes to 5000 and then a large music collection and a few 100 TV shows are added, that should be enough to send the memory usage spiralling right?

Doubtful, Movies & TV Shows are just scraped and indexed in a database, why would a large database eat up over 2GB of RAM, what you are saying makes little sense. Have you scraped all your files or is it hanging whilst updating the Library? We’re going to need more info and at the very least a log file.

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Is there not an addon that can break down memory usage into processes by percentage?

I think ‘top’ command does that but it keeps changing rapidly, I dont know how to read it properly.

Log attached

CE log.txt (9.8 MB)

See if switching back to Estuary skin makes a difference as skins can sometimes take up a lot of resource.

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