How to read load average?

I have a load average of 2.4.

So that means 40% load average the last five minutes as: (2.4 / 6) * 100 = 40 ?

Nvm, installed netdata.

With SSH write command: top (look at load average, that is, load in 1, 5 and 15 minutes)

With netdata look at: load (look at load1, load5, load15)

You don’t have to do any mathematical operation.

load = the number of processes using CPU or waiting for system resources

You just have to look with your eyes open :rofl:

The load calculation on the N2 is completely off, it’s not really that high.
I think complete idle will see 2.0 instead of 0.0.
You can also try the latest nightly, it uses a different kernel, and load should be calculated correctly on it.

Hm, as I to say the least suspected and saw in netdata. (just marvellous software)

If I would try the nightly; I suppose it would, lay waste configs, entware software, docker stuff?

No, everything should remain as is. But you can always make a backup beforehand.

Alright, yes I always do backups cough
More seriously though, everything works otherwise so far, really good to know though if stuff begin to lean towards doesn’t.

Thanks for this and the awesome work!