How to reduce Sub Title brightness in HDR mode.

Subtitles are very bright when HDR video is played. Returns to normal when SDR etc.
Bit of a bugger having to change it every time I use HDR.
Currently using 20.2

I found this in the Kodi wiki “GUI peak luminance in HDR PQ mode”
I believe this is what I am seeking but I cannot see a way to set in CE. Is this still a thing?

Thanks in advance Baz

set your subtitle color to grey.

thats what i did

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Thanks…that works a bit, but it would be nice if it had the menu command linked above.
Not really the answer but a poor workaround.

I think, this special settings used just in Windows kodi, and not exist in other OS.

Aahh OK, thanks …

Thought maybe could change Opacity in Subtitles settings.

Would reduce brightness

it does but need to change back in sdr.

I use same grey color both hdr/dv and sdr sources, it works perfect.

Yes of course is pain in the #@$

Like Audio Profile addon where you can save multiply Audio configs.
And switch between/ select for playback.

Try this method

Install Audio Profile addon for Kodi

Create Audio Profile 1 with Opacity set to what you need to reduce brightness/ Subtitles

Save as Digital HDR for example

Now reset Subtitles to default and create second Profile

Save as Digital Default for example.

Now can switch between during playback
Make sure you go to Extras in Audio Profile settings and enable all functions.

Should work

Happy Testing

Nice touch for those, to whom need, if that works.

Doesn’t work though.
I couldn’t get it to
I just tested on couple of boxes

Of course only changes in Audio settings are saved in Profile.

Iam the Fool
Not fir first time.

Someone needs to build/dev
Video Profile addon for Kodi/CoreELEC
All versions

Okay iam editing to Redeem Myself
I knew it had something to do with Profiles.

You create a USER Profile
With Opacity set to your liking for Subtitles

Nothing to do with Audio Profile Addon

Much the same as different User logging in to

This method actually works
Tested multiple times now.

Can switch between User Profiles easily
Also can map function to keyboard etc…

Happy Testing

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