How to Remote Control Configuration for Dummies Using Windows and SSH

I had my challenges creating remote control configurations for CoreELEC on my devices, so I put a guide together for myself. I thought I would share it for others who may need the extra help. Hope this is OK. How to create Working Remote Control in Coreelec.pdf (154.3 KB)
Thanks to all the contributors to the various forums where I gathered the info for this guide.


Very intuitive walkthrough, thanks for your contribution to the community.

Could this guide, be added to the top of the post with the remote files, repo?

If this is done please ensure ‘Windows’ is in the title.
Thank you.

A BILLION thanks for you putting this together. As a person with near zero linux and SSH knowledge, I was struggling to put this remote file together. After finding this guide, I finally got my remote working again! Your time and kindness is very appreciated!

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You are welcome. Glad it helped.

I’m using a TX8 2/32G device with the gxm q200 2g device tree.

The remote supplied with the box looks like as on here -

It doesnt work out of the box with coreelec.

So I tried the steps as in the document of the OP to try and get to work but I get an error “no devices found” when I issue “ir-keytable -t” from ssh. Cant move further.

Please help, thanks!

You must use the DTB from CoreELEC and not anything else…

I downloaded it from a Coreelec link. Could it be wrong? My box says 2G/32G and is S912 based.

CoreELEC:~ # cat /proc/device-tree/le-dt-id
gxm_q200_2gCoreELEC:~ #

The DTBs are in the device_trees folder on the SD card. You don’t have to download anything.

I have the same problem like dude above…and i have the rright device tre… i have gtking :slight_smile: so any solution?