How to send files from android to coreelec

Hello brothers .
Actually I have many questions. What ever you can help me to fix i will be appreciated.
1 . How to send files from android to coreelec
2 . How to add iptv app using my account on iptv not using the m3u file cause the m3u file it took so long time to load every time I start the device .
3 . How to add good Internet browser to coreelec .
4 . How to cast my android phone to coreelec .

My device is beelink gt king pro


After reading the questions you ask, I think you should forget about CoreELEC and continue only with Android:

  1. You will not need to send files to CoreELEC
  2. You will have good applications like IPTV Smarters
  3. You will have good browsers like Chrome or Firefox
  4. You can cast to your TV

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I hope i can use the android… the problem when I connect the android m, my screen colors not coming good and I try all the possible settings to change no changes … but when I connect the corelec the colors come perfect and as usual … so I need to use this coreelec .
If u can help I will be greatful

These gadgets with CoreELEC basically move bits from one place to another, whether you like screen colors more or less is a personal matter for no scientific reason. CoreELEC will not provide a solution to your questions 2-3-4 either. To solve your first question, you will need to study something about network storage services.

I have information about network storage… iam just asking if there is any way to send the files wirelessly to the device . .

  1. You can’t. Why would you want to do that?
  2. By using an IPTV addon for Kodi.
  3. You can’t.
  4. You can’t.

Try booting to Android and send files to CoreELEC drive (storage directory) with X-plore File Manager app.

If you have CoreELEC on the SD card, I think that the partitions should be accessible.

1 Filemanager that does sftp/windowssharingajingsmb, i.e solid explorer or the like. (or syncthing if you need to backup photos etc to coreelec with external storage)

4 Yatse (never used that function other than for youtube, so sort of, but it should with the pro version)

hello please coud I cast my screen with coreelec (an application like miracast)
PS: I used the yatse application but i could just cast the yotube and use it as remote control

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