How to set 2560x1080p60hz resolution with N2

I’m using 2560x1080 monitor and want to use corelec on this monitor with full screen size.

I read about the thread related with 1366x768 resoultion and followed the guidance of the thread like using disp_cap & disp_add.

I made and included the line “2560x1080p60hz” in disp_cap & disp_add files and finally the monitor worked.

but problem is, coreelec is scaled down 2560x1080 resolution into 1920x1080 resolution. (means all the graphic is on the left side of the monitor and the right side monitor showed the black.)

I set the over-scan function of the monitor, but the situation was not changed.

pls let me know what shall I do to get full size of 2560x1080 resolution with coreelec.

I’m using Ordroid N2 & Coreelec version 9.2.1.

Try following this:

I tried this. but it is not worked. pls let me know if there’s any other guidance.

I’m sorry. I checked it is working. Thank you for your guidance.

  1. The GUI re-scale setting has to be disabled.
  2. It looks there is some mismatch with my monitor’s frame rate. So it is needed to set 59.94hz forcely.
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