How to set booting back from eMMC/NAND to Android

Hello people.

I’ll try CoreELEC on my Mecool M8s Pro W and it is works except wifi connection :frowning:
How can I boot back from eMMC/NAND with standard Android in my TV box?
Eject flashdisk doesn’t work and no option in power menu with boot from eMMC/NAND.

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With CoreElec running from flash disk don’t you have in “Power menu” option to (re)boot from eMMC/NAND? That’s how it works on my Android boxes…

Unfortunately no option in power menu with boot from eMMC/NAND :confused:

You need to be using the default estuary skin to have the reboot to emmc/ nand in the power menu, if you are using another skin you will have to manually add that option into the xml files.

I didn’t change skin. I use default skin. I will try to add manually option into the xml file.

Used ceemmc single boot option to install?
Than there is no Android left on eMMC what can be booted.

→ reflash Android image!

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I used foolproof instruction on your website. Download image according my TV box, “burn” to my SD card, copy correct file from device_tree dir to root a rename it. It is easy. I put sd card to my tv box, booting to coreELEC. In power menu no option to boot from eMMC, only instead of only reboot.

Wi-fi isn’t functional. I tried stable, nightly even 19.3. Ethernet is functional. Any idea, how to make it work wi-fi? Will TECHKEY-miniadaptador wifi dongle functional?

THX people! I appreciate it.

TECHKEY wi-fi dongle works with my android box and CoreELEC.

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