How to set repeat / delay with remote when using "remote.cfg"

Hello, I’m using Mecool remote with Beelink gt king box (“remote.cfg” file) and everything’s working great except key repeating when I long press, let’s say, arrow keys.

With the same “remote.cfg” file on Mecool repeating is working fine.

How to set it, if someone knows (step-by-step, please)?

There is no ‘step by step’.

Just play around with these values in remote.conf till it works to your likings (the values bellow usually do the trick):

repeat_enable = 1
repeat_delay = 130
repeat_peroid = 120
release_delay = 20

Remember to reboot between tries.

Thanks, but I already have:

factory_code = 0xff000001
work_mode = 0
repeat_enable = 1
repeat_delay = 40
repeat_peroid = 39
release_delay = 121
debug_enable = 0

in my “remote.conf”.

The problem is not in repeating frequency, but in the fact that repeating is not working AT ALL on my gt king with 19.2 rc3.

Same problem here with N2+ and 19.2rc3. With remote.cfg and a Mecool remote repeat does not work. On the other hand I never had a problem with meson-ir until I started to use the Estuary Mod v2 skin…

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