How to update from legacy to 19.3 (S905x)


I’ve been using Beelink Mini MXIII II (2GB Ram + 16GB eMMC Amlogic 905X) with Coreelec 9.2.8 installed on the internal storage.

As the installation process was ages ago I simply cannot remember how to update to the most recent 19.3 version. Do I simply prepare an SD Card boot with it (what is the prio on internal vs SD Card - do I have to change it?). After that log in with putty and enter “installtointernal” (twice as far as I remember?).

Is there a simple way to update while running 9.2.8 via the menu?

I’d appreciate any kind of help. Thank you!

CE 19.3 will not work in internal storage, first You must install a newer Android version >7
On SD card CE 19.3 will work on this box.
I own two of this boxes, but I only use SD cards.

There is no simple way, don´t try to update internal storage using the .update folder.
Best choice is using a SD card

Timmy T beat me to it: you need a minimum Android 7 bootloader to install latest CE on emmc.

If you want to upgrade you will loose some add-ons (python 3 migration) - maybe they were ported already. Just drop a tar of CE 19 in the update folder and reboot. My advice would be to get a backup of Kodi settings and restore it after you perform a factory reset after the upgrade. You also could upgrade by choosing the update channels.

I would perform a fresh install - How to use the Team CoreELEC ceemmc tool and restore the old settings.

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