How would you rate my Coreelec settings?

   I'm just looking to trade notes here,nothing serious. I'm using a La Potato 2GB with a 16GB emmc. It's connected to an ancient Sony str de485 av receiver via a combination hdmi/audio extractor. 
  The settings I'm using are all from different forums(some quite old) Anyway here are my settings;
Under Settings/Player, enable hq scalers  -10%
                                     Allow hardware acceleration - on ,Mpeg 2 - Hd and up, Mpeg 4 - Hd and up, H264 - Always

Under Settings/System/Audio, Channel-5.1 Output- best match, Allow Passthrough- on, Dolby Digital - on, Dolby Digital plus - off, DTS Receiver - on, True HD - off, DTS HD - on.

CPU Governor - Performance

Under Setting/interface/Skin, - Estuary
Screen saver - Dim
Skin Settings/General - everything is off
Artwork/Show FanArt As Background - off

Open Wizard Add-on: Cache & Network Presets - High-End Device Preset

Also my internet connection runs thru Surfshark VPN.

I chose these settings to make my system runs as smooth as possible no buffering.So, is this overkill? What would you add,take away,or change? Everything is running good,and like I said,I’m just comparing notes and making conversation.
Tell me what you think.

“All Wizards and addon installers” are banned so you cannot get help here.

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