HTTPS/FTP not working

Not working yet, I cant connect and get errors:

As an alternative: Milhouse tries another way like your initial idea, I will also test this and report here. I absolutely dont know what is better/more secure, but maybe CE can use that if it works.

We pull all changes from LE so whatever ends up there will also eventually make its way into CE.

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It works!

Post a comment on the Github page and let the LE developers know.

Is the latest fix for self signed certificates included in CE .5 ?

If so, what do i do to make it work again?
I got the ca-certificates.crt file from the host server.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Yes it is, you have to store your pem file in /storage/.config/cacert.pem

All working good now. I can once again connect to my remote server :smile:

Thank you again for all your hard work and support. !