Huge difference in FPS between CE and Android

Be gentle please, I am an old newbie who just dibbet its toe into the Android Box world.
Normaly I do windows and do that since it was named IBM DOS 1.0 (;
Hardware is a X96 max + with a Amlogic S905X3 4/64GB
Software is CE and Android 9
verified that recomendet settings are set

Observationes with Enable Debug Logging screen activated
different movies with different encodings all 720P or 1080P:
Android 60 FPS all movies +/- 2%, CPU: 75 C, mem usage <1GB, Kodi 80-100%
CE between 18 to 40 someting FPS, CPU: 60 C, mem usage <1GB, Kodi 25-40%
No difference if CE Hardware Dispaly is set to VESA or not or if CPU governor is performance or ondemand.

Any idea what I did wrong?

Another observation:
CE menu Network>Wireless Networks
Shows “Aktive” no matter if switch is set on or off.
Switching works as shown in Kodi if wifi is connectet or not.
(same for Wired Networks)

Is that normal behaviour?

Thanks for reading this. Any hint is appreciated

To be honest, I’m not completely sure what your problem is.
The lower CPU temps and usage in CE is a feature - not a bug. :wink:
Also most Android versions are not capable of automatically switching the refresh rate based on the video source, therefore everything is played back with 60Hz. Although it seems to be better at the first look, in fact it isn’t, because that will lead to micro-stutters during playback.

Most movies are recorded in 24p (23.97fps).
But 23.97 frames just don’t fit into 60Hz and you will see what is called 3:2 pulldown with terrible stuttering.
If you play a 24p movie in CE, your TV will automatically switch to 23.97Hz, which leads to a butter-smooth playback.

Thanks for the fast relpy.
I am aware about the temp differences, that is why I like CE.

The 24p I understand but why is it showing between 18 and 40 FPS on the debug overlay?
and sometimes it shows a tiny stutter / framedrop while the processors are around 25% usage what is does not do in Android.

So my question is why are the FPS all over the place and not steady around 24?

I see what you mean. I see the same behavior if I activate debug logging.
If I remember correctly, the fps shown are just for the GUI components, but not for the movie itself (please anyone correct me if I’m wrong).
Maybe Android isn’t using the “Smart Redraw” feature in Kodi (used as default in CE), which doesn’t draw a whole new image of the GUI every frame, but only the regions that changed.
This again decreases cpu usage and keeps your box smoother and cooler.

To debug your video playback and possible dropped frames, you can use the video player debug.
During video playback execute the following command in ssh:
kodi-send --action "PlayerDebug"

Are you sure, your TV is properly being switched to the right refresh rate when starting a video?

You are not wrong :wink:

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well I was just thrown off, because of the 2 very different readings.

Can I also asume that the Network connections shows always connected even if there is not even a cable connecting the box with the router.

No, that’s not normal.
If I pull my ethernet cable or switch off wireless and wired networks in “Settings > CoreELEC > Network” I don’t see any connections in “Settings > CoreELEC > Connections” anymore.

Is your IP static or dynamic?

and if I switch wifi off the 2 other settings disappear too.
I thought that instead of Active it should show disconnected or something.

In the network tab of CE settings the active switch is used to turn on/off wifi or Ethernet. It’s a semantics question not a problem.

I did not see it as a problen, I just want to understand since I am less than a week in the Linux and Android box world and I have to learn from step one. Still have no Idea how anything even as simple as copying a simple file into a dot directory works.
How do you even create that directory? Just leaned that I have to change 2 settings in Kodi that I can see the hidden files…

Is there an idiots guide for a bloddy beginner somewhere? What does not say, you open a terminal and punch in this code…
I have no idea how to open a terminal and where it is even hiding from me

The IP suddenly disappearing after unplugging the network cable is considered “normal” behavior.

The reason I asked is because I have observed in the past that randomly, and only on boxes with a static IP, the IP numbers remain visible for several minutes after the network cable has been disconnected. It’s like a ghost number. I’ve attributed it to the cache not immediately being cleared due to other, higher system priorities.

There is the Kodi Wiki for first time users.

I also have a few tutorials at the repository that might be of some help.
And then there is How to install CoreELEC
As well as our Guides and Howtos section.

If you have questions about the Kodi interface, such as for example where to find the option to unhide hidden files, and you’re not in a hurry for a reply, you can ask me.

It’s up to you how far you want to go with this, and there’s a bit of a learning curve. Give it a week and you’ll be playing with it.

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Thank you, I am with Kodi long time when ist was XBMC and was only for windows and MS had XP with their own mediaplayer. Still use the original IR receiver now on a Beelink with 10 and an Apollo Lake N3450.
I will browse through your links on my journey for knowledge.
Thank you all 4 ur input.

I am waiting for an A95X-F3-RGB 2/16 what seems to be the coolest running box since they let the quadcore run only with 1700MHZ instead of the max speed from 1900, to compare it with the X96 max+ 4/64
(p.s. I already downloaded your remote driver from Thank You)

A tip, give your device a fixed ip address.

To copy files over the network, you can use windows explorer, just copy the ip address into the address bar.

Or, in my case I have coreftp lite on my laptop & copy things to & from the box. ie updates can be downloaded to your pc & copied to the update folder on the device.
Also, if you create a backup, on the device you can then copy it to your pc ready to restore if everything goes tits up.

sounds good, I have to give my stubborn BSG rule of “never network computers if you want to stay secure” a new reevaluation.

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