HW decode the IPTV stream

How about the decoder for the IPTV stream, it’s HW or SW? On my box (S912, v9.27), the playing for some 4K stream will freeze, it seems the decoder is SW, if so, how to enable the HW for the IPTV stream? Thanks very much.

It depends on the nature of watched stream. If it’s DRM L1 protected (like Netflix streams) it will be always decoded via “Input Stream” and that is software decoding. No way to get HW decoding in that case.
If the stream is L3 protected (like HBO_Go streams) then it will be decoded via players HW decoder.
Btw, S912 has not enough juice to software decode 1080p DRM L1 (it can do 1080p L3 ones) protected streams, let alone 4k streams…

Thanks for your reply. I captured some pictures, I think the stream is free, but not be protected. And after play for a while, when I change the channel, the IPTV function has problem, no video and audio is output, and I cannot quit it, the only way is to power off it.

I wouldn’t know about your IPTV stream problems, since I’m not familiar with “free to air” stream reception. I presume it has to do with your box hardware and IPTV client hardware/software…
From your pictures its clear that the stream is hardware decoded (am-h265 HW) so I guess that your CE/Kodi is working as it should.
Maybe somebody that has experience with IPTV can shed some more light on the subject, but my guess is that your hardware (S912 SoC) is not powerful enough to handle UHD streams and it just gets stalled and freezes the box.

Some newer streams don’t work well with the 3.14 kernel anymore.
It’s time to upgrade the device and switch to CE 19.

It is very difficult to say where the problem is. What happens to you also happened to me even with HD video. On one of my S912 devices I have solved it by uninstalling all docker services and replacing them with entware services, I have also installed CE version 9.2.5 (it was valid for 4.5 months until CE 9.2.6) which is the most stable of all those using Kodi 18.9. With these two things, my minisatip server instability and image freezing problems have disappeared. The truth is that this device is a bit overloaded, it supports a minisatip server for forwarding TV channels and also forwarding a ffmpeg stream rtsp 24/7 from a surveillance camera to the main server that is many km away, and, of course, it receives all the TV channels and multimedia services from the main server.

According to what I have seen, your S912 should be able to decode the IPTV video using hardware, another thing is that your IPTV provider works well and your home network connections are also good.

In summary, before buying a new device, check your installation and test CE 9.2.5.

Thanks very much, I will try it.

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