Hyperion ambilight newbie friendly help

Hi I would like to add Hyperion ambilight to my setup but I’m struggling to find any complete guides on how to do it
My device is a vim3 running CE nightlys
Can anybody tell me what additional hardware I need? I know I need the leds obviously but how do they connect to the vim?
And could anybody point me in the right direction for a installation/setup guide for after I’ve gathered and installed the necessary hardware
Thanks in advance !

I’m using ready setup from aliexpress and it’s working with Hyperion.NG addon: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32909548534.html

Is it working good? Is it completely compatible with the Hyperion.ng addon?
How does these Chinese ambilight kits compare to alternative diy versions and what are the other available options?

Sorry for so many questions, I want to make sure I get the right and best version / products first time.

Yes it’s working good, just need to stick on back of your tv, count how many leds you have on all sides and setup with WebUI. Very easy and compatible with hyperion.ng and hyperion control addon.
I did not tried other options. I can only compare with my philips with ambilight and it’s very similar.
This the same ambilight kit like mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHluJQSPwvk

We have on our forum tutorial about that ambilight but in polish. :smile:

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Thankyou! It looks good and is good value for complete kit.

Anybody else able to share there experience and hardware used?
And anymore recommendations?
The AliExpress option recommended by @kodiwpigulce_pl looks to be complete and simple but if there’s better options I’d like to know before I bite the bullet and order one

I’ve been using such a kit for several months. It works perfectly. It takes some time to configure (a lot by trial and error), but it works once configured.
@kodiwpigulce_pl :slight_smile: Witam :slight_smile:


basically it’s @tomasiek tv on video in post above :slight_smile:

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Not to hijack the thread - but is the 30 or 60 led/m recommended?

Evening, set this up in 4 rooms, its relatively straight forward and all you need is a bit of searching, an Arduino board (I use mega’s and uno’s depending on the amount of leds they are controlling). I have around 230 LEDs on the 55inch 4k in the living room running from S905x3 nightly and performance is great using hyperion.NG. Didn’t bother with pre made setup, its quite simple and the hyperion web site has a no solder FAQ to work through. The LEDS I have range from 30/m to 60/m WS2812B. All in all including power supplies each TV averages around £20 per setup.

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Is there any benefit of using an arduino over whatever the Chinese kit comes complete with?

in that chinese kit is ardunio inside box
my 40" screen used 166 leds

perfect thanks so much for your help/advice @kodiwpigulce_pl

One more question, does it work with 4k hdr content (remux hvec and x265) I read that some don’t work ?

I’ve tried few 4k hdr x265 without any issue.