Hyperion - Leds doesn't work with mkv on 8.90.3

Hi all, I am running CE 8.90.3 with Hyperion installed from the CoreElec repo.

In my configuration I have dissabled the framegrabber because I don’t want to turn on the leds in menus, and enabled the amlgrabber to turn on the leds in LiveTV and movies.

The hyperion.config.json is the same I was using time ago, and running well.

I can see the rainbow effect when Hyperion is enabled, and works well in LiveTV, but when I play a mkv, or torrent, the leds doesn’t work… whith h264 codec. In previous releases, all was OK with same configuration.

And the slowdown is still there with the new OSMC kernel.


Thank you for the feedback, unfortunately I’m not able to provide support for Hyperion, only for hyperion.ng.

To my knowledge nothing change on Hyperion so I can’t find a reason for it to not work. Also a lot of OSMC users do use Hyperion so it’s not a kernel issue.

And I personally use hyperion.ng also with no issues, the grabber is the same.

Does anyone else having the same issue?

On 8.90.2 it works OK, using the same config file.

I tried Hyperion.ng on 8.90.2, will try again on 8.90.3, but I don’t know how to turn off the leds in menus…? How can I do it in Hyperion.ng? I am a bit confused with new configuration and don’t know how to configure the grabbers, I tried with the web config interface.

Are you using Hyperion or Hyperion.ng? I had the same issue and it took me a bit to find this. In Hyperion.ng you have to use Hyperion Control Kodi addon for disabling Hyperion ie. in menus or when pausing. You can download it here: https://github.com/hyperion-project/hyperion.ng/issues/474 The addon is still WIP so expect that it might not work 100% properly ie. I had to modify it to support Live TV.

I am currently using Hyperion, because the lights in menu.

Will try again hyperion.ng and the addon Hyperion control.

What have you modified? I use a lot Live TV

You can see my reply in that GitHub issue with explanation.

Today I’ve discovered that if I pause the movie then the leds turn on and work ok… strange…

In livetv they work directly…

Tonight I’ll try with hyperion.ng and the control addon

How to install Hyperion.ng? Is there an installation script? Install the addon you need?
Amlogic S905X.

Hyperion.ng it’s available in coreelec repo

Is it enough to install an addon from the CoreELEC repository? Is there anything else I need to install in CoreELEC for backlighting?

You need addressable leds, an arduino and the addon hyperion or hyperion.ng with your config file

I use Hyperion.NG with auto grabber selection, and the slowdown is still there on 8.90.3.

In the Hyperion.ng config in hyperion.config.json need to use AML Frame Grabber?
Or should I use the Internal Frame Grabber?
Which path should the hyperion.config.json file for Hyperion.ng be placed on?
How to view Hyperion.ng logs?

My device: Nexbox A59X Amlogic S905X CoreELEC 8.90.3 installed.

For grabber - use Auto - works fine for me. Hyperion.ng config differs from the original Hyperion config. It’s best to use the online admin to configure everything at <your-box-ip>:8090 ie.

The only part of the config that I’d really consider copying from old hyperion.config.json is the LED number and positions.

Config can be found at .kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.hyperion.ng/config/

Do you have slowdown issue with watching a video with Hyperion.ng running?
Will Hyperion.ng work correctly with the Amlogic S912 processor?

Yes I have the slow down. Devs said on the forums that they will look into this.