Hyperion.NG, Amlogic improvements

Can you explain how that is done?

It actually seems like the colors on the grabber are only in the wrong order when not playing video. I didn’t actually check the grabber output preview while playing a video, but the lights seemed correct. In which case, don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

It,s possible to fix that when you turn off the system, the leds remain lighting?

Something like send a “black image” before stops hyperion?

It got disabled in july, maybe @Paulchen-Panther just forgot to rewrite this function:

I personally use the usbpower option in config.ini with on. If the Arduino does not receive a signal for 30s it switch off the LEDs.

Ok thanks, will wait if this function will be reactivated.

I will try the usbpower in config.ini, I only need to put it on?

If I understand correctly, it gives power trough the usb port even with system turned off right? And arduino will turn off the leds if no data right?

And the firmware of the Arduino needs to support it.

Ok thanks! I have the bl301 injection, will try later at home.

Can i ask wich Arduino firmware you use for that?
Currently I am using adalight with apa102 leds on the N2.
I can use control, but would still send signals right?
I would like to know what you use in hyperion en arduino for that, other then the usbpower.

Would like to mirror that effect for me :slight_smile:

Tried the usbpower option =1 and no luck…

What sketch are you using in arduino that support that function?

bl301 is injected? So the LEDs on the Arduino remain on?
I use this firmware: https://learn.adafruit.com/adalight-diy-ambient-tv-lighting/download-and-install
And in the Arduino firmware there is a timeout included: https://github.com/adafruit/Adalight/blob/master/Arduino/LEDstream/LEDstream.pde#L163-L170

Yes, bl301 is injected, and arduino and leds remain on.

I use adalight-fastled, will try to update the sketch or will try yours.


Tried this v103, but it does not have the RGB fix, blue and red is changed in the menu.

Noticed 2 other things too, hope someone can point out what could be the problem:

  1. When I pause a movie, after a few seconds LEDS use IDLE effect, once I disabled IDLE effect it just turned off LED instead. But after a few seconds LEDS come back and it does this until I start playing the movie. ON, OFF, ON, OFF with a 7-8 second segment.

  2. Noticed flickering during playing, I reverted back to 101, but tested 103 for a few hours and the Leds shined bright with random color at random time. I used the same 20Hz capture frequency and 60Hz smoothing update frequency with 115200 baud rate.

Any suggestions what could be the problem and how can I fix it?

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The v103 in coreelec nightly addons it’s not the same you posted here right? Because yesterday I have made a fresh install and agsin I am having the issue that amlogic grabber doesn’t start to work because the priorities, in remote controls I see the rainbow effect “freezed”

I use the Hyperion.NG adalight sketch they have for the arduino.
That has more hardware support for boards and ledstrips.
It also has the same turn off code in it, what you linked.

So that means I have to use that usbpower=1 in config.ini and the bl301 injection?
To achieve what you have I presume.

I have the same problem as your point 1.
Both with 101 and 103, when pause a movie or serie it goes on and off like that.
But that happens only if you pause a movie or serie, not during something else.

I have no flickering tho, most of the time that is not enough juice to the strip or indeed to fast baud rate/freq.
Wich board hw do you use for the ledstrips?

Arduino Nano, I used the same frequency as before and what I use right now with the 101. Sadly 101 has wrong color in menu…

I am using the nano too, but with apa102 strips tho.
And the adalight sketch from hyperion.ng github. (here)

That with standard settings in hyperion, ofc the amount of leds etc changed.
But I never messed with frequencie settings, only baudrate is set at 115200 in both the sketch and hyperion.
I don’t have any weird flickering or colors. I do had that with extra long cable from the nano to the strips tho. Or when that said cable ran next to power cables. Once I shorten it or just ran a diffirent route it had no problems.
Wich strips are you using? Btw the colors in the menu has to match the sketch (in my case rgb).

Hello! I am an active user of the coreelec 9.0.2 + hyperion 9.1.101 (with “fbGrabber”: false). I tried to upgrade to the last coreelec + the last hyperion from this branch, but this setting (“fbGrabber”: false) does not work in it anymore. what to do?

@Portisch Can you build the blur effect into Hyperion.ng?

Is there any news with Hyperion.NG ?
Hyperion.NG 2.0.0 alpha.3 ?