Hyperion.ng + Boblight/Amlogic

iam running on my S912 the latest Coreelec Nightly + Hyperion.ng installed from Nightlyrepro V9.1.100.2

now my problem:
if running the Amlogic Instance Capture Platform works fine, but enable Boblight Server this part does not shows up as source in Source Selection and nothing happens when sending data to boblight!
i am using Enigmalight Vu+Receiver as Client it connects but no Light show up, switching off Platform Capture do not solve the problem, source does not shows up in remote control section…

now ive testet V9.1.100.1 form Nightlyrepro, and now Boblight Server is listed and it works fine!
but on the other side is in this version the amlogic Instance Capture Platform is not avaible, does not shows up in remote control section… only Boblight and Color Effects are working…

anyone can help me?
i am using my s912 to look all my series and movies and as server to my ardnuino to drive my LED’s.
i want my VU+ Solo2 connect to Herpion.ng Boblight server because i want ambilight effects when watching live Tv too :slight_smile:

Did you use Enigmalight on your VU+ Receiver?

You need to enable this.

For it works Fine. S905X Device as Server. VU+ Uno4K SE is Client. All fine here :slight_smile:

yes, i wrote with 100.1 all runsfine, using orginal boblightd as kodiplugin runs fine too. with 100.2 nothing lights up… setup conf are all ok

the problem seems the updated 100.2 hyperion.ng! but i need it because with the 100.1 no hardware amlogic capture…
found portisch github, but i dont know how to compile myself with windows10 linux subsystem…
i dont know what status the nightly has…