Hyperion.NG - Color order is faulty in menu (BGR/RGB)

Bug report

Describe the bug

After 9.2.0 update, the old Hyperion.NG addon stopped working (no light, only on reboot), so I had to update the Hyperion.NG addon.

Hyperion.NG v9.2.101 addon in coreelec is buggy, the color order in MENU is BGR instead of RGB
During playback it is working fine, color order is okay.

It was a known bug in the previous version, but someone fixed it a ~year ago in this topic and disabled auto update for this addon:

The fix is quickfix basicly is to change pixelformat from BGR32 to RGB32.


For hyperion.ng I changed

switch (vinfo.bits_per_pixel)
case 16: pixelFormat = PIXELFORMAT_BGR16; break;
case 24: pixelFormat = PIXELFORMAT_BGR24; break;
case 32: pixelFormat = PIXELFORMAT_RGB32; break; // was PIXELFORMAT_ BGR32
Error(_log, “Unknown pixel format: %d bits per pixel”, vinfo.bits_per_pixel);
return -1;

For hyperion I changed

if (vinfo.bits_per_pixel == 16)
pixelFormat = PIXELFORMAT_BGR16;
else if (vinfo.bits_per_pixel == 24)
pixelFormat = PIXELFORMAT_BGR24;
else if (vinfo.bits_per_pixel == 32)
pixelFormat = PIXELFORMAT_RGB32; // was PIXELFORMAT_ BGR32

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

  1. Install CoreElec and Hyperion.NG (NG, and not the old Hyperion)
  2. Setup to work
  3. In menu the blue color is red, the red is blue, the yellow is cyan.
  4. Normal playback is correct color order


I have no debug log, the bug and fix is stated up.

CoreELEC version and device

CoreELEC version: 9.2.0
Hyperion version: 9.2.101
Device: Alfawise H96 pro+ (3gb)
Device Tree: it was 2 years ago I don’t remember… :slight_smile:

Other information, sample media (if appropriate)

I’m a n00b. Tried to compile myself, but I stucked in the process, when It finally compiled I found out it is not for Kodi …

Checked the master hyperion.ng github, it seems it was fixed a year ago:

So now I have no idea what is going on, and why doesn’t it work, who compile this addon for Kodi?

switch (vinfo.bits_per_pixel)
case 16: pixelFormat = PIXELFORMAT_BGR16; break;
case 24: pixelFormat = PIXELFORMAT_BGR24; break;
case 32: pixelFormat = PIXELFORMAT_RGB32; break;
case 32: pixelFormat = PIXELFORMAT_BGR32; break;

In my webconfig:
Platform: Amlogic

I’ve just updated all the addons for 9.2, can you try to install the package from here.

Replaced the addon but the blue and red in menu is still switched. Video play is still good.

Anyone else tested, is it bad only for me?

for me it seems ok in menu, on old 9.0 month ago it was wrong…