Hyperion.ng Hue entertainment api


I am using a amlogic box with coreelec installed on it. I am currently using the hyperion.ng addon in kodi with a led strip behind my tv. I also have hue lights which are controlled by a debian laptop with hyperion.ng installed on it. The kodi addon of hyperion.ng on the coreelec box forwards the input signal to the laptop.

It works but not great. Since it’s forwarding the signal to the lights I think it’s just too slow to look good.
The best setup would be a version of hyperion.ng with hue entertainment api on the coreelec box and then running 2 configs, one for the led strip and one for the hue lights.

I have tried cross compiling hyperion.ng with the hue entertainment api for amlogic and then zipping it with a script in a tar.gz file and then extracted it to coreelec and ran it as a service. Unfortunately for some reason after I extracted it it becomes an older version and without the hue entertainment api. No idea how and why.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance