I need help recovering corelec

I Have An Amlogic u2397 franklin HEYNOW Build Running Android (9) With A Linux 4.9 Kernel That I Have No Idea How To Use At All And A XCHI Linux 4.9 Hostport Also Not Sure What That Is It Had Dual Boot Mode With CoreElec On One Side And Android (9) pi on the other when I got it I went to put games on CoreElec So I Took The Sd Card Out Of The Box And Put It Into My Older Android Phone And That Was A Mistake Becasue When I Did That I Ended Up Wiping CoreElec Off Of The SD Card It Was Burnt Onto I Have Soent So Many Hours Trying To Use Hundreds Of Different Programs To Do It On The Android Side But No Luck I Don’t Have Acess To A Windows PC And Don’t Have One So There’s That Can Anyone On Here Burn CoreElec On An SD Card And Would Be Willing To Send It To Me Possibly?? I Would Greatly Appreciate Any Help I Can Get On This Guys I Can Provide Soecs And Technical Information About My Device If Someone Needs More Of That I Currently Have garbears Nighlty Test Build Of Kodi Retroplayer 21 Beta 1 Because That’s The One That Works Even Gho I Need To Test It Out And A Few Of The Systems Did Not Work When Trying Go Boot The Games PLEASE ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME my email is removed and my name is Zachary Peebles On Facebook if you wanna add me to messenger that way it’s easier to help me out with putting CoreElec Back Onto this damn thing lol

First write proper post with sentences. Who will read this junk…


Could you help me bro please

Do you really expect someone to read your post without a SINGLE full stop? Maybe, but I will not.


I agree with you @vpeter.

Seems a common thing these days, and not only with the young, to have no punctuation, bad grammar, no proper case etc. It makes reading very hard indeed.

@purrpgoddpeebles A word of advice - never post your email address and real name on a public forum like you did above. The inevitable consequence is likely to be you will be inundated with spam emails. Also the chances of anyone on this forum responding to your request to use Facebook is zero.

Dang all I want is some help I bought my device from aliexpres advertised as the HEYNOW GX3 Pro and I’m upset because I never got to use CoreElec before ruining it by accident

Looks like it runs dual Android and EmuELEC gaming system??

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What country are you?

United States And Yes It Does It Has Android (9) pi and a Linux 4.9 Kernel whatever that means lol like I kinda know what the Linux kernel is but not fully how to use it and I think I would start using BusyBox commands using Android Terminal Emulator?? I’m going to see if I can directly install CoreElec back on it somehow thru BusyBox commands using Android terminal emulator not sure if it will work but I have a feeling their
Might be a way

The device I got is listed as a super console gx3 pro on Aliexpress there are 2 versions a see thru box version and a black box version I got the black box version

It’s an ng 2gbit install for CoreElec I don’t know the correct device tree tho but know how to find it I have a Mali-GP4 and a 64 gb sd card in it then both usb slots are taken up by a usb pc mouse and a usb pc keyboard so that’s why I have the storage extended with the sd and then I have it rooted and there is a root folder

Maybe it was EmuElec isn’t that corelec?? It had XBMC installed in the root and on the android and a DLNA Media Player And I Have The OTA Upgrade.apk app people use to straight use the update file to recover it but I don’t know how to do it it’s frustrating studying up on all of this stuff without knowing how to actually install this one damn program back on this thing lol

And I also have the reboot to LibreELEC-AML and the GameBox Version Of That App And Some Brazilian Reboot To LibrEkec Version Of The Same App And I Don’t Know How To Get The Right File And Put It Into A Folder Where One Of These Apps Will Recognize It And Show Me It In The App After I Open It It Al aya Shows Previous Files That I Have Used But I Have Tried Diwnloading A .tar update file for CorElec And Putting It In Several Different Folders even in the root but I gave up after just a few times of that because none of the apps weee recognizing the .tar update file can someone help me or am I screwed out of corelec for good

Still same bad writing :rofl: You don’t know to read either I think.

I have no problem reading it.

Since he has no access to a PC, I don’t know how to make a bootable CoreELEC microSD card with the correct device tree.

So I am unable to give him any advice on how to get his CE working again.

Yes it was Emuelec not CoreELEC

Looks like Box is combo Android with Retro Gaming preloaded Emuelec…

Maybe try Emuelec Forum…

Without windows PC…

Happy Testing

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Our friends at Emuelec don’t provide support for pre-loaded, non authorized devices.

Okay I wil try this method I will provide an update when finished