I need s912 8.95.7 (CoreELEC-S912.arm-8.95.7-S912)

this is the last version with working “sync playback to display”.
now i have a s912 box but only s905 images. :frowning:
Can anybody please send me the right 8.95.7 image or is there a old version archive somewhere?

Do not invent the wheel! The best firmware is always the latest firmware, but if you want to do experiments you can look here http://coreelec.pokey.de/

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is this the right version?

its changelog says: 1826e0f72: Tue Jan 1 15:32:44 2019 +0100 - crazycat_aml: fix crash (CvH)

And 8.95.7 Changelog says the same.

What is the reason for you to use sync playback to display?
And what doesn’t work in latest builds in this function?

Europe, EU is a very important Part of the World.
Not only USA!

Here we have 23,976 FPS, 24,000 FPS and 25,000 FPS as main Movie Framerates.

Many Foreign TV Series with German Sound are produced for 25 FPS TV System.
So when they put the Sound on BluRay, they just pitch down the sound.
And that is awful (zZzzzZzzzz…).

Due to this i use Sync Playback to Display to speed up 24p Stuff to 25p in the Kodi/Linux World.
On Windows there is Reclock to do this.

So this is a very important Feature for European/German TV Series Freaks.

The UK also uses 25fps for OTA TV broadcast and I don’t feel a requirement to use sync playback to display.

Just about every TV manufactured in the last 10 years or so is also capable of working within a wide range of display possibilities, which should further negate the need for playback of pretty much all content.

No matter, its Kodi with their bloated Sound Engine and Libreelec which is supporting it very bad.

X86/X64 Generic Libreelec has more Problems with “Sync Playback to Display” on Kaby Lake than Coreelec on Amlogic. :slight_smile:

My solution for not having audio and video problems with CoreELEC is to fix a single resolution. Now I use the following settings (I suggest you try with others adapted to your tastes):

File /storage/.config/autostart.sh
fw_setenv hdmimode 1080i50hz (fixed startup resolution)
fw_setenv outputmode 1080i50hz (fixed startup resolution)

File /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap:
1080i50hz (does not allow another resolution)

Settings in Kodi-> System-> CoreELEC:
Disable noise reduction: ON
Disable deinterlacing: ON
Limit display color depth to 8-bits: OFF (solves color distortion on my TV for some channels)
Use 4: 2: 2 color subsampling: OFF (solves color distortion on my TV for some channels)

Audio passthrough: OFF (prevents my TV and my CoreELEC volume control from going crazy in some audio streams)

Wouldn’t there be stutter when playing back any frame rates other than 25p or 50p - especially in panning shots?? Unless you only watch 25/50p stuff.

This is the last version were “Sync Playback to Display” speeds up 24p to 25p to match 50hz output resolution:


With 0418, 24p has the usual 1 stutter per second with “sync playback to display” and output to 50hz display.

So what of this is responsible for this?
cb85717f5: Thu Apr 18 17:27:18 2019 -0400 - linux: bump amlogic-3.14 to dd22308 (cdu13a)
5b196c9f4: Thu Apr 18 21:21:48 2019 +0100 - pvr.iptvarchive: do not build package until corresponding kodi patch is restored/updated (adamg)
ed22df6ad: Thu Apr 18 21:17:36 2019 +0100 - kodi: add display amlogic hdmitx info in Estuary patch for 3.14 (adamg)
68ade05d7: Wed Apr 17 13:13:22 2019 +0100 - projects/Amlogic-ng: sync linux config with HK/upstream (adamg)
c063aac48: Wed Apr 17 13:10:51 2019 +0100 - linux: bump amlogic-4.9 to a1adfba (adamg)
8c6c878bd: Tue Apr 16 14:17:08 2019 +0100 - kodi: fix patch (adamg)
f22fa4d82: Tue Apr 16 14:09:08 2019 +0100 - kodi: remove broken patches (adamg)
d32e2652d: Tue Apr 16 14:00:31 2019 +0100 - kodi: bump amlogic-4.9 to 9602067 (adamg)
79550a934: Mon Apr 15 22:56:48 2019 +0100 - kodi-binary-addons: update to latest versions (MilhouseVH)
03cdec7d6: Tue Apr 2 16:18:47 2019 +0100 - kodi (Generic/RPi/RockChip): update to kodi-18.2rc1-Leia (MilhouseVH)
3e4a2c531: Thu Mar 21 13:51:53 2019 +0000 - nlohmann-json: update to nlohmann-json-3.6.1 (MilhouseVH)
d97fc6b50: Mon Mar 18 18:14:21 2019 +0000 - kodi: fix SIGTERM patch after xbmc/15730 and xbmc/15776 (MilhouseVH)
33952c682: Mon Mar 11 03:15:00 2019 +0000 - ffmpeg: update to ffmpeg-4.0.3-Leia-18.2 (MilhouseVH)
d931353cb: Wed Mar 6 09:36:01 2019 +0000 - kodi: fix SIGTERM patch after xbmc/15678 (MilhouseVH)

This one could be related to your issue, something changed in kodi
Did you try 9.0.3 version or not? And also you can try to use 60Hz
But it’s better to use native Hz solution

This functionality is broken on Amlogic, AFAIK, and introduced problems. So we have removed it.

We used for playback hw decoding with free run (no way to adjust video playback speed) and syncing video to audio is used only for damaged streams. Your stream with differnt a/v speed is like permantly damaged stream with large stuttering. You can fix your video by remuxig it by changing video fps 23.976 to 25 or slowdown audio by reencoding it (e.g. by eac3to).

no matter when you know what to do, its acceptable with CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.0-nightly_20190417.

finally my last hope on a fully working kodi/libreelec is now rpi 4 :slight_smile:

Good luck with that.

No Luck of course. :slight_smile:

CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.0-nightly_20190417 now i recognized that every couple boots need ~50 seconds instead of the normal ~10 sceonds.
Also it looks like that on a slow boot bluetooth doesnt work.

any idea, which nightly between 20190308 and 20190417 works best?

I don’t really understand what are you doing but I uploaded what you are looking for:

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20190308 also needs ~50 seconds and then bt isnt working. :frowning:

You are welcome!

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i think its because i have to use ethtool to limit my gbit lan to 100 mbit on my s905 box.