I wish to talk to the Coreelec team

I wish to talk to the Coreelec team. I want to see if I can help get S905X4 support.

Can the Coreelect team representative contact me via private message please.

Thank you for your support,

all needed sources are public available. Please feel free to give us a hint when you got the hardware decoder unlocked.

Just start with your matching SC2 DTS, it should boot right away as the new kernel do support the SC2 SoC:

Also SC2 will maybe a “dead horse” from beginning, like S912. Newer SoC are already on market, like S4 or T5 series with Khadas and Beelink.


Any hope for the S805X2 (S905W2/S905Y4)?

It seems to be a very good SoC for a media player - cheap, efficient and supports AV1.

As I think it is same SoC like S905X4, just limited hardware decoder - no.

Just wait a bit more to get a newer SoC like with VIM4 or go with S905X3.


S805X2 (sold as S905W2 and S905Y4) has A35 cores, S905X4 has A55.

Thank you for the reply Portisch.

I am going to use soft communication skills to resolve the matter. I will seek to get direct information assistance from those who have the full knowledge of the S905X4. I know Coreelect team have tried direct Amlogic contact, but was not successful.

It would aid me if there was a means of contact by e-mail for the Coreelec team, I could give to Amlogic.
Someone use to business communication from Director, Manager and below level.

I think it wise to privately message the contact if available. Once i have what’s needed, hopefully you should not hear from me. First you should know is receiving a reply to the contact e-mail.

If you want to discuss something by email or forward AML people you can use team at coreelec.org. But we have tried several times. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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Support is now possible:

Good news for new SOC’s.

Kudos to the Team.

I agree. Well done!!!